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Subject: Re: Wood Thrush - Santee Coastal Reserve, SC AND KISKADEE
As requested I have completed and filed a rare bird report and uploaded photo of the Great Kiskadee to the CBC website. Hope this helps.
Ed Blitch

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Subject: Re: Wood Thrush - Santee Coastal Reserve, SC AND KISKADEE

A quick check of the CBC photo gallery at shows that photos of the Wood Thrush have been posted; also that the finder of the Great Kiskadee has posted her photos (although of course more would be welcome).

I might also note that a Veery has been eBirded in Raleigh. I'm dubious but if anyone is in the area it might be desirable to check it out.
Kent Fiala
On 2/14/2017 9:41 AM, Christopher Hill wrote:

As a member of the SC Bird Records Committee, I’ll just chime in with agreement with Harry about the desirability of having documentation for the Wood Thrush. Wintering spotted thrushes other than Hermit are so often mis-reported (that is, so many “Swainson’s” in winter are actually misidentified Hermits) that it is very difficult to know the true winter status of those birds. Irvin Pitts submitted a report, with photographs, of an actual wintering Swainson’s in South Carolina a couple years back (Thanks, Irvin!), and it is really valuable to have that solid documentation on the books.

BRC reporting form here if you want to go that route:

While I’m at it, the SC BRC has received one report on the Kiskadee (thank you Steve!) but NOT yet one that includes photographs, since that observer did not get any. The finder had some initial difficulty filing a report, and did not ever come back to do it. So if you have photographs and would file a report at that link above, the SCBRC would appreciate it. I’ve filed away some of the photos from the original observer, but we would rather have observer-submitted photos accompanying a report, with details laid down for posterity. (Note that if you put any photos on the CBC gallery it’s easy to just mention that in the report and we’ll go get them).

Thanks to Paul Serridge, who inquired about whether the committee desired a Wood Thrush report and prompted me to address this.

Chris Hill
Conway, SC


On Feb 13, 2017, at 9:47 AM, Harry LeGrand < <carolinabirds...> > wrote:

I don't yet see a photo on the CBC Photo Gallery or on the 3 eBird reports of Wood Thrush on the Sightings on the CBC web pages. Are photos online somewhere else? Editors would want or need photos of any "spotted" thrushes (other than Hermit) during the winter months for acceptance.

Jeff --can you or others upload one or more photos to the CBC Photo Gallery (or attach them to an eBird report) to document this highly unusual report?

Harry LeGrand
Raleigh; former Chat Briefs editor

On Sun, Feb 12, 2017 at 11:30 PM, "Jeff Click" < <carolinabirds...> > wrote:


Several birders with the Greenville County Bird Club saw and photographed a very off-season Wood Thrush at Santee Coastal Reserve Wildlife Management Area in Charleston County, SC . The bird was behind the office, at the end of Santee Gun Club Road, before the gate that leads to the Cape Trail.

It ’s no Kiskadee, but a very unexpected sighting for winter.

Jeff Click
Easley, SC



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