Date: 2/13/17 7:22 am
From: James Watson (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Lincoln's Sparrow and Odd plumaged Sparrow type at Bear Island
While searching for the Great Kiskadee at Bear Island WMA in Colleton Co.,
SC yesterday, Pam Ford and I located a single Lincoln's Sparrow near the
site where the GKIS is hanging out. If you go past Chapman Island Rd. on
Pecan Tree Rd. (off Titi), toward the Edisto River you'll come to a field
on the right with a mowed path next to the tree line. Walk down the mowed
path to where the path begins to make the big turn toward the river, kind
of in the corner of the field. I have marked the spot with a broken stick
with grasses put on top to mark the spot. Two birds flushed from the
grassy field on our left and into the the edge of the tree line where it
became marshy. The birds flushed a few minutes apart. One was the
Lincoln's Sparrow which we had good long looks at, and the other was a
sparrow type with white wing patches. We had several glimpses of this bird
and to me it looked like a Savannah Sparrow with with primary feathers, but
Pam thought they were the coverts, which could possibly make it something
different, and the bird was heavily streaked. Lark Bunting is the only
species I know of that has white wing patches like that, so I suspect this
bird is an aberrantly plumaged Savannah Sparrow, but who knows, the bird
moved on the ground out of sight. So if you are in that area looking for
the Kiskadee, you may want to walk down this mowed path to the marker and
look around for these birds. I can send a map of exact location if you
wish, just send me a private email. Happy Hunting!


Happy Birding!

Craig Watson, Mount Pleasant, SC

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