Date: 2/13/17 6:49 am
From: Harry LeGrand (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Re: Wood Thrush - Santee Coastal Reserve, SC
I don't yet see a photo on the CBC Photo Gallery or on the 3 eBird reports
of Wood Thrush on the Sightings on the CBC web pages. Are photos online
somewhere else? Editors would want or need photos of any
"spotted" thrushes (other than Hermit) during the winter months for

Jeff --can you or others upload one or more photos to the CBC Photo
Gallery (or attach them to an eBird report) to document this highly unusual

Harry LeGrand
Raleigh; former Chat Briefs editor

On Sun, Feb 12, 2017 at 11:30 PM, "Jeff Click" <carolinabirds...>

> Several birders with the Greenville County Bird Club saw and photographed
> a very off-season Wood Thrush at Santee Coastal Reserve Wildlife Management
> Area in Charleston County, SC. The bird was behind the office, at the
> end of Santee Gun Club Road, before the gate that leads to the Cape Trail.
> It’s no Kiskadee, but a very unexpected sighting for winter.
> Jeff Click
> Easley, SC

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