Date: 2/12/17 7:30 pm
From: Wade & Kathy <awfuller...>
Subject: Pungo!!
I've just returned from witnessing the unbelievable sundown flight of swans and snows leaving Pungo Lake, NC this evening. I've been around a lot of waterfowl in my 65 years but nothing of this magnitude. I ran into Blake Scott who created the DVDs of all the refuges in eastern NC. He was videoing today's flight and has been for several days. He said this tops anything he's witnessed as a videographer in the 10 years he's been at it. We wondered where these birds are going. In the past couple of weeks there was some moon in the sky after sundown if they were leaving for the fields to feed, but we're a couple of days past full moon so there was not any moonlight for a couple of hours after dark tonight. It doesn't seem to make sense they would be field feeding in the dark. They all flew southwest--basically right into the setting sun. Blake said he's been trying to find out where they are going for several weeks now with no luck. Perhaps the fields west of Pantego? Maybe so
meone in this group can shed some light on this.

Pungo Road update: the road that leads west from the observation platform has been reopened as of a couple of days ago. The best place to be is at the far end of this road--just before the huge metal culvert that lies in the Tee at the end of this road. The continuing road that jags left and then back right beyond this intersection is still closed (which would allow for a quick connection with Canal Road D) so you will need to retrace your path back to the observation platform to exit.

If you want to witness this spectacle, you probably should go ASAP as the waterfowl will probably be leaving soon.

Wade Fuller
New Bern, NC

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