Date: 2/12/17 5:55 pm
From: Scott <pygmyowl...>
Subject: [cobirds] Pygmy-Owl
Hi All,

For the past two evenings, I have been having a Northern Pygmy-Owl in my
yard. Both evenings, I placed live mice in the ground and he-she came
right in, caught the mice and flew off. This evening, he/she, came back
after catching, flying off and cashing the first mouse, and asked for
another, so I placed another on the ground that the owl took.

Something interesting about the way Northern Pygmy-Owls hunt... they
really do not want to be on the ground for any length of time with prey.
So what they do, is try to perch as close to the ground as possible, so
they can fly in very rapidly, grasp the small animal and continue to fly
off with it, instead of remaining on the ground with the prey.

Scott Rashid
Estes Park

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