Date: 2/12/17 5:43 pm
From: Tim Fennell <tfennell...>
Subject: [texbirds] Lake Buchanan (Llano Co.) 2/12/17: White-faced Ibises

I spent almost six hours birding the western shore of Lake Buchanan in Llano County today and the most unusual species of the 83 species recorded was White-faced Ibis, with three individuals feeding in a shallow arm of the lake on FM 261. This may be the first documented sighting of this species in February on the Edwards Plateau. If anybody knows of any records of this species on the northern plateau in February (or even the winter months), I would appreciate a note. I have recorded White-faced Ibises on Lake Buchanan on seven previous dates, all between 7/28 and 10/16 (and all but one during the 2011-2012 drought). Lake Buchanan levels are currently as high I ever remember them. The complete list with some photos is at:

Tim Fennell
Round Rock, TX (15 miles north of Austin)
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