Date: 2/12/17 1:30 pm
From: David McDonald <dkmmdpa...>
Subject: [texbirds] Good weekend Birds
Hi Texbirders,
I finally had a chance to get out in the field this weekend, but yesterday
at home, the Buff-bellied Hummingbird put in an appearance in my yard for
about the 4th time this winter and I got my first photo of him.

After reading Joe Kennedy's report of the Burrowing Owl at Anahuac, I had
to check it out.

There were a couple of nice ducks. This male Ring-necked Duck was standing
up and allowed to see his underside.

And there were 4 nice male Cinnamon Teal.

The most interesting bird was this very leucistic funky looking American

Earlier I had him standing preening and he has a lot of white underneath as

Good birding y'all

David McDonald
Friendswood TX

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