Date: 2/10/17 6:44 pm
From: James Watson (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Great Kiskadee Not Relocated After Morning Observation Today at Bear Island WMA
Everyone, apparently the Great Kiskadee was seen briefly this morning at
the same location as Thursday by two birders. However, many birders showed
up all throughout the day, some staying 7-8 hours, and many birders scoured
nearby areas for the bird without any luck. Pam Ford and I stayed til dark
when all birders had left and we were the last to leave. So no evidence of
the bird since 730ish am this morning.

Thanks to the photographer who first put the word out on her photography
page on Facebook, and the subsequent Facebook postings to Carolina Birders,
ABA Rare Bird Alert, and Carolina Rare Birds, some excellent photos, and
getting the word out to other birders.

Directions to the area were previously posted by Steve Patterson.


Happy Birding!

Craig Watson, Mount Pleasant, SC

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