Date: 2/8/17 8:49 pm
From: <badgerboy...>
Subject: Stone Mountain CBC Results
In the 24th Stone Mountain CBC(Jan 1, 2017), my dream of finally getting
all areas of the count circle covered was dashed at the last minute by
illness of one of our sector leaders (nothing serious), but we still had
a fun and productive count finding 8,196 birds, including a flock of
6000 grackles, with 58 species represented (59 with a count week Brown
Thrasher), compared to our average of 55.

Good finds were our first ever Greater White-fronted Goose, our 2nd
record Red-winged blackbirds, and our 4th Merlin.

Missed were House sparrow (5th miss), Hairy WP (7th), Creeper(8th) and
all of the fowl-like birds(Turkey, grouse, bobwhite), which have been
getting much scarcer. Low numbers of Robins (7, our 2nd lowest ever)
followed the trend for NW NC this winter.

New high numbers were posted for Chipping Sparrow, continuing a run of
increasing numbers in each of the last 5 years, at 117(average 12,
previous high 41); Swamp Sparrow with 7 (avg 1, prev high 5), and Winter
Wren with 7 (2,5). Winter wrens seem to be much more common in NW NC
this winter than in recent years past, as lots were also found in the
Grandfather Mtn. CBC.

Guy McGrane, Deep Gap, NC

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