Date: 2/8/17 9:56 am
From: <badgerboy...>
Subject: Pungo yesterday-awesome! (google directions wrong)
For anyone considering a trip to Pungo, I would highly recommend it.
Yesterday afternoon the geese and swans at times darkened the skies with
huge numbers. The swans were very noisy, lots more waterfowl were
present, and a couple trumpeter swans (I'm pretty sure) were within easy
photographing range along Canal D road.

For those not too familiar with the area, google directions are
incorrect--they have you go down a private gated road. You actually
have to go down NC45 to the very southwest corner of the refuge and turn
left onto Pat's road. This is the same road as Canal D, but changes
names at some point.

And the wrong impression I had formed was that the swans and geese come
in to the lake to roost at night. They are actually leaving the lake in
the late afternoon, apparently to forage in agricultural fields to the
west at night.

Photos of the likely trumpeter swans and the general spectacle can be
seen at my ebird checklist at

Also, at dusk on the lake overlook tower, a large number of sparrows
flew into the shrubs, and in the dim light appeared to have streaked
orange breasts, which could mean they were Nelson's sparrows. Anyone who
goes there might check out the shrubs to see if this is right. They are
listed as rare at this location on ebird.

Guy McGrane, Deep Gap, NC

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