Date: 2/6/17 8:51 pm
From: Janeal Thompson <janealthompson...>
Subject: [cobirds] Prowers County Birds 5-6 February 2017
Yesterday, I went to Lamar Community College and today I took a short trip
to Northgate Park, Thurston and east along CR TT then south on CR 13 to
Highway 196 with my main goal today being Golden Eagles on the highline
poles; with no sighting of them, however.

Yesterday, at the LCC feeder across from the library, I saw 3 Northern
Cardinals, 2 males, 1 female; 1 Lincoln Sparrow and 1 Cedar Waxwing. Other
birds in no particular order were: 1 Song Sparrow, several White-crowned
Sparrows, 2 Downy Woodpeckers, a few House Finches, 5 Northern Flickers,
one being an interesting intergrade. Also, the usual plethora of European
Starlings, Red-winged Blackbirds, Rock Pigeons, American Robins and
Dark-eyed Juncos.

Northgate Park hosted 2 Redheads, 4 Common Mergansers, 2 Common Goldeneyes,
and 8 Canada Geese, 1 Great Blue Heron and 1 Northern Harrier. There was
no waterfowl at Thurston as the lake had a thin, unbroken sheet of ice on
it with only the shoreline being open. I must say, two distant, forlorn,
unanchored decoys in two locations had me going for a while. The hawks seen
today on my trip north and east were: 2 Rough-legged Hawks, 2 Ferruginous
Hawks, and the others red-taileds, harriers and kestrels. On a side note,
we could sure use some moisture down this way.

My yard is pretty quietm just a couple of Yellow-rumped Warblers,
White-winged Doves, Red-breasted Nuthatches, a White-breasted Nuthatch and
the more common visitors.

This report was prompted by reading Dave Leatherman's report on the
American Woodcock and his mention that reports of it were "woefully"
lacking. I know my report isn't terribly exciting, but I will try to do
better in posting to CoBirds when I do go birding because it is a valuable
asset to the birding community and I thank those who take the time to post
reports here even though I/we can use eBird and often do--remember some
great birders don't.
*Also, a big thanks to Joyce Takamine for taking the time to post the Rare
Bird Report daily, not an easy job to be sure. *
Janeal Thompson
Lamar, CO

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