Date: 2/5/17 1:11 pm
From: Brian Bockhahn (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Kerr Lake CBC results
The 14TH Kerr Lake CBC was held on Jan 5, 2017. 18 participants in 10
parties found 96 species (average 94) and 9,862 total birds, well below our
average of 12,827 mostly because of gull flock size. It was a cloudy and
cold day, with some mid morning wind and temps ranging from 29-39 degrees.

Higlights include our 3rd Common Merganser below the dam, the same lone
male that likely cannot fly but surviving for 1.5 years now; Henderson
Point had our 2nd Blue-headed vireo; Bullocksville area had our third ever
Palm Warbler and Dick Cross had our 2nd ever Common Yellowthroat.

OTHER GOODIES: lingering Red-necked Grebe above the dam; a single Greater
Scaup above the dam; Northern Bobwhite with new coverage at area 9; two
parties reporting possibly the same Merlin; Spotted Sandpiper below the dam
and Blue-headed Vireo at Henderson Point.

Misses include Ruddy Duck, Red-breasted Merganser, American Woodcock (1st
miss), Lesser or Greater Black-backed Gull, Purple Finch, Pine Siskin and
House Sparrow (1st miss).

For the record we put in 57 hours and 32 miles by foot, 14 hours and 128
miles by car, 4.75 hours and 3.2 miles owling and 0.75 feeder hours.

Thanks to all counters!!!

Mark your calendars for upcoming Kerr Lake counts

Spring count – April 27, 2017

Fall count – September 20, 2017

Christmas Count – January 4, 2018

Brian Bockhahn

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