Date: 2/4/17 2:25 pm
From: Keith Arnold <kbarnold2...>
Subject: [texbirds] LRGV Mountain Bluebirds
After a flurry of emails, I think I now have the "story" for documented [I
mean photo or specimen, although a few species may be documented with
vocalization recordings] records for the Lower Rio Grande region.
Hidalgo county:
Anzualduas County Park, Feb. 13 - Feb. 23, 2011 or later[and 1st LRGV
regional record]. I do not know who discovered this bird.
Santa Ana NWR, Dec. 14, 2011 - Mar. 8, 2012. A pair discovered by Carolyn
Sternberg; the male apparently was not seen after Dec. [date?]
"San Juan", Jan. 4 - Jan. 19, 2017 [last date?], discovered by Joannie

Cameron county:
"San Juan", Dec. 28, 2011 - Jan. 1, 2012, discovered by Mark and Joannie
Hubinger; on Dec. 29, both a male and female were present [*fide* Bert
Wessling]. The locations of these birds and the 2017 birds are less than a
mile apart.

If anyone has knowledge of other documented [as described above] of
Mountain Bluebirds in the LRGV, please let me know.

Keith Arnold

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