Date: 2/4/17 12:13 pm
From: Mary Beth Stowe <mbstowe...>
Subject: [texbirds] Green-tailed Towhee - Yturrias
Hi, all!

Birded Pipeline Road this morning in Starr County, then went up the road
that abuts the Yturrias Tract as far as I felt comfortable taking the car
(about three miles up); was cold and foggy but thankfully not raining!
Highlights by far were the sparrows: Green-tailed Towhee calling on
"Yturrias Road", along with some Spizella sparrows (I've posted one picture
as a quiz bird), several Vespers and Lark Sparrows, a few Lincoln's,
Cassin's, and Blackthroats, a couple of Whitecrowns, and tons of Savannas
(all along both roads). There were also tons of Brewer's Blackbirds along
Pipeline Road near a cattle ranch (along with tons of cowbirds and
Redwings), and EBird flagged the seven Long-billed Curlews I had along the
north end of Pipeline in the ag fields! Some pictures are on my Facebook

Bird List:

Northern Bobwhite Colinus virginianus

Neotropic Cormorant Phalacrocorax brasilianus

Turkey Vulture Cathartes aura

Harris's Hawk Parabuteo unicinctus

White-tailed Hawk Geranoaetus albicaudatus

Red-tailed Hawk Buteo jamaicensis

Killdeer Charadrius vociferus

Rock Pigeon Columba livia

Eurasian Collared-Dove Streptopelia decaocto

Mourning Dove Zenaida macroura

Common Ground-Dove Columbina passerina

Greater Roadrunner Geococcyx californianus

Golden-fronted Woodpecker Melanerpes aurifrons

Ladder-backed Woodpecker Picoides scalaris

Crested Caracara Caracara cheriway

American Kestrel Falco sparverius

Eastern Phoebe Sayornis phoebe

Loggerhead Shrike Lanius ludovicianus

White-eyed Vireo Vireo griseus

Horned Lark Eremophila alpestris

Black-crested Titmouse Baeolophus atricristatus

Verdin Auriparus flaviceps

House Wren Troglodytes aedon

Bewick's Wren Thryomanes bewickii

Cactus Wren Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Polioptila caerulea

Ruby-crowned Kinglet Regulus calendula

Curve-billed Thrasher Toxostoma curvirostre

Long-billed Thrasher Toxostoma longirostre

Northern Mockingbird Mimus polyglottos

European Starling Sturnus vulgaris

Orange-crowned Warbler Oreothlypis celata

Yellow-rumped Warbler Setophaga coronata

Olive Sparrow Arremonops rufivirgatus

Green-tailed Towhee Pipilo chlorurus

Cassin's Sparrow Peucaea cassinii

Chipping Sparrow Spizella passerina

Vesper Sparrow Pooecetes gramineus

Lark Sparrow Chondestes grammacus

Black-throated Sparrow Amphispiza bilineata

Savannah Sparrow Passerculus sandwichensis

Lincoln's Sparrow Melospiza lincolnii

White-crowned Sparrow Zonotrichia leucophrys

Northern Cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis

Pyrrhuloxia Cardinalis sinuatus

Red-winged Blackbird Agelaius phoeniceus

Eastern Meadowlark Sturnella magna

Western Meadowlark Sturnella neglecta

Brewer's Blackbird Euphagus cyanocephalus

Great-tailed Grackle Quiscalus mexicanus

Bronzed Cowbird Molothrus aeneus

Brown-headed Cowbird Molothrus ater

House Sparrow Passer domesticus


Mary Beth Stowe

Alamo, TX <>

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