Date: 2/3/17 11:47 am
From: Laguna Atascosa <laguna.atascosa...>
Subject: [texbirds] Laguna Atascosa NWR Bird Tour 2/3/2017
Another great day birding!
Our bird and habitat tours will continue now through March, every Thursday,
Friday, and Saturday. Our bird tours are offered ONLY in the morning on
those days, and only by reservation.

We are also now offering a tour of the Bahia Grande area of the refuge,
which focuses on giving information about the large restoration project
that has been underway in the past few years.

If interested in making a reservation for one of our bird tours or for
more information
on any of the tours, call the Visitor Center at (956) 748-3607 ex. 111, or
get more information on our website at

Laguna Atascosa
Bill and Judy Lubben
Feb 3, 2017
8:39 AM
17.00 miles
240 Minutes
All birds reported? Yes
Comments: Laguna Atascosa NWR Morning Bird Tour
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4 Gadwall
6 Blue-winged Teal
125 Northern Shoveler
200 Northern Pintail
2 Lesser Scaup
1 Bufflehead
4 Ruddy Duck
18 Northern Bobwhite
1 Wild Turkey
2 Least Grebe
18 Pied-billed Grebe
6 Double-crested Cormorant
2 Anhinga
15 American White Pelican
3 Great Egret
6 Snowy Egret
12 Little Blue Heron
6 Tricolored Heron
2 Reddish Egret
3 White Ibis
3 White-faced Ibis
25 Roseate Spoonbill
5 Turkey Vulture
1 White-tailed Kite
2 Northern Harrier
14 Harris's Hawk
3 Red-tailed Hawk
55 American Coot
6 Black-necked Stilt
4 American Avocet
2 Killdeer
2 Long-billed Curlew
3 Stilt Sandpiper
76 Long-billed Dowitcher
13 Greater Yellowlegs
1 Lesser Yellowlegs
3 Ring-billed Gull
3 Caspian Tern
2 Belted Kingfisher
1 Green Kingfisher
6 Crested Caracara
1 Eastern Phoebe
4 Great Kiskadee
2 Tropical/Couch's Kingbird
1 Green Jay
1 Northern Mockingbird
1 European Starling
1 Cassin's Sparrow
2 Savannah Sparrow
3 Red-winged Blackbird
3 Eastern Meadowlark
5 Great-tailed Grackle

Number of Taxa: 52

Hailey Brown
Intern, Visitor Services
Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge
Los Fresnos, TX

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