Date: 2/3/17 10:48 am
From: Jamie <j.c.fairchild...>
Subject: [texbirds] Western Tanager in Sugar Land 77479
I looked out my back window at my bird bath and saw this amaz= ing bright
yellow bird with black wings and orange above and below his bill= looking
straight at me. I never saw anything like him. I didn'= t know what he
was. I took a good lo0k and ran to get a camera. &nbsp= ;Of course, when I
returned with camera in hand, he was gone. He was = larger than the
finches,warblers, titmice, and chickadees that I am accust= omed to seeing
inmy yard on a daily basis. At first, all I could com= e up with as I
tickedthrough what I know in my head was an oriole, but I'v= e never seen an
oriole with that orange face - and his bill was not so long= and sharp. I
entered the observation in Merlin to help me with id, b= ut it didn't give
meanything that looked like my bird. So, I pulled = my Sibley off the
shelf,and found the Western Tanager, male in non-breedin= g plumage - he
looks exactly like my bird. I tried to enter in= eBird, but it won't let me
submit a "rare" bird. I'm not really sure= where to go from here. I went
and scrubbed out my birdbath, and fill= ed it with fresh water, hoping to
entice. LOL!

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