Date: 2/2/17 10:49 pm
From: Erik Breden <erik.breden...>
Subject: [texbirds] Testing a Camera at Estero Llano Grande SP

Today (Thursday February 2nd) Rex Stanford and I birded Estero Llano
Grande State Park and the farmlands around the McCook area. I was mostly
interested in testing a new camera body, so it was not a rigorous bird

We did see a few good birds: a Say's Phoebe on the fencelines at the NW
corner of the Hargill Playa, a pair of Greater Roadrunners gathering
sticks for a nest, and a very funny Red-tailed Hawk - funny looking, not
telling jokes 8^).

A few photos, including comparison shots of the cameras can be seen at:

For you "camera buffs", here is what I was testing...I purchased a Nikon
1 V3 4/3 mirrorless camera and the adapter which allows it to be used
with my regular Nikon lenses. I am taking a trip to China in the spring,
primarily for shorebirds, and I wanted some extra telephoto capability.
The camera performed well against my D7100, although it is perhaps a
little soft and seems to have a slight bluish cast. Overall, however, I
was very satisfied with the results. The Nikon 1 has a 2.7 magnification
factor instead of the normal 1.5 factor of the D7100.

Take a look at the comparison photos, which were taken under harsh
lighting conditions.


Erik Breden
Weslaco, Texas
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