Date: 2/1/17 8:05 pm
From: Brandon Percival <flammowl17...>
Subject: [cobirds] Pueblo birds recently
Not much new to report from Pueblo recently.

Gwen Moore found four Juniper Titmice yesterday at Pueblo Reservoir, and I
was happy to see a couple of them today. They are around North Picnic
Road/Juniper Breaks Campground on the North side of Pueblo Reservoir.
Thanks to Gwen for letting me about them, I hadn't seen one around the
Reservoir for a few years.

I stopped by Pueblo City Park, yesterday afternoon before basketball games
in town. The best birds were a Greater White-fronted Goose and a Ross's
Goose at pond in the middle of the park. I found some little birds in NE
portion of park. A bunch of Cedar Waxwings were there were fun to see.

The only day I have really looked at the water at Pueblo Reservoir lately
was on Saturday, during an Aiken Audubon trip. We saw eight Common Loons,
which was one more than I had seen earlier in January. Both a Clark's and
a Red-necked Grebe were still present that day, as were six species of
gulls. No sign of either of the Glaucous Gulls, Mew Gull, or Bonaparte's
Gulls from earlier in the month.

I have had no time to walk any of the River in Pueblo, for a while, so not
sure what is still around.

Saturday is Eagle Days at Pueblo Reservoir, which means a lot of people
trying to see Bald Eagles. Since it is been so warm, there is very little
ice left on Pueblo Reservoir, so eagle numbers might be low this weekend.

Brandon K. Percival
Pueblo West, CO

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