Date: 2/1/17 7:17 pm
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Subject: RE: Jordan Lake Iceland Gull
I got to the lake about 4:30, and all but 12 Ring-billed Gulls had left the beach. Most of the several thousand birds were well into the heat shimmer, so from Ebenezer Church I was only able to pick out the larger dark birds, including 6 Great Black-backed Gulls and several dozen immature Herring Gulls. There were also small numbers of Bonaparte's Gulls moving around the larger flock.

Around 5, I drove over to the Seaforth access, to have the sun behind me. I was still unable to find the immature Iceland, but did pick out a 1st-cycle and 4th-cycle Lesser Black-backed Gull in the flock. Counting in blocks, I estimated about 14,000 birds on the lake, most of which were Ring-billed. There were several thousand birds north of Hwy 64 as I left, so I'm not sure what the true estimate would be for the lake this time of year (full disclaimer: my numbers could have been way off).

I am considering going back after the Iceland Gull tomorrow, so if anyone tries for it (successfully or not), please let the group know.

Ed Corey
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Hi All
After looking at many, many gulls, I found Josh's bird, 1st Year bird with no black on tail or wing tips and a shorter and smaller all black bill at Ebenezer Point at 3:30pm today. However, it is on the beach now with several hundred Ring-billed and a few Herring Gulls. Thanks Josh.

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