Date: 2/1/17 5:17 am
From: Tom Krakauer (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Comfortable to observe Eagle Nest at Jordan Lake, Chatham, CO, NC
There is an active Bald Eagle Nest easily observable from the boat docks (not the ramps) at the Ebenezer Point boat ramp site off of Rt 1008.

Stand (or sit) behind the right hand metal dock, look straight across Beaverdam Creek and you will see a large dead pine. Scan a short distance to the right and just below the top of a living pine you will see the nest. Fun to see the eagles in the nest, perched in the dead pine or cruising over Beaverdam Creek.

Best if you have a scope, but you can see them in binocs.

For me, with limited mobility, it is great to get out of the car, set up the scope on level blacktop and perch in a chair. A week day might be better to avoid all of boat launching.

There is also a fox sparrow that has been hanging out for the last month in the woods to the right of the rt boat dock. Close to the water's edge. Keep an eye out for Bonaparte's gulls on Beaverdam Creek.



Tom Krakauer
Bahama, NC

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