Date: 1/31/17 6:28 am
From: Leslie Linehan <linehanla...>
Subject: [texbirds] molt timing in Selasphorus hummingbirds?
Does anyone know if the timing of molt from immature to adult is different
for Allen's vs Rufous Hummingbirds? I have an immature Selasphorus that I
strongly suspect is an Allen's. I've had really good looks at his tail, but
have not been able to capture a diagnostic photo.

About two weeks ago, he began to acquire wing whistle. Over the course of
several days, it developed into a sound that is subtly different than
Rufous-slightly higher pitched, more musical, and not as loud in volume as a
typical male Rufous. He now has acquired almost all of his adult gorget
feathers. It seems to me that this is early compared to immature Rufous
that I have had overwinter. In fact, most of my immature male Rufous-types,
identified by red back feathers, have departed before acquiring their full
adult plumage.

I'm just wondering if molt timing could confirm an individual bird's

Leslie Linehan

southern tip of Blanco Co

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