Date: 1/31/17 4:11 am
From: Lynn Erla Beegle (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Followup to "One-day visit to the NC Coast"
Followup to "one-day visit to the NC Coast"
Thank you to Harry LeGrand for that excellent description of our
16-hour trip from Raleigh to various places along the eastern Coastal
Plain of North Carolina on January 29. Three birders (Robin Myers,
Harry, and I ) detected ** 75 ** bird species and recorded nine checklists that day.
******Clarification: We missed the previously-reported GOLDEN EAGLE in
Alligator RIver NWR but we BELIEVE our friends who saw it! The quote
"Of course, the three of us will deny that later sighting, as we
covered each and every raptor along Saywer Lake Road, and no one else
saw it at that time either" is our "Aw-Shucks!" frustration of
searching for three hours and dipping. Our friends had a good long
look and they PHOTOGRAPHED the Golden Eagle at Sawyer Road in
Alligator River NWR. Congrats to Jeri Smart for getting the Golden
Eagle picture, taken just an hour or two after we left (we saw their
cars and talked to them while they were heading into Alligator River
NWR as we were leaving the refuge to head east to the pier). We were
SO CLOSE to seeing that Golden Eagle - we even saw the dead raccoon
that the eagle was perched on! But the eagle hid from us that morning,
and came out in the afternoon. As Harry said, "Hey, that's birding!"

Highlights include seeing PEREGRINE FALCON at THREE different
locations that day, including one eating a Rock Dove on the roof of
Jennette's Pier! That was almost as good as seeing the female COMMON
EIDER and the 37 lounging RAZORBILL !
Helpful Hint: Although we missed the Brewer's Blackbirds on Gum Swamp
Road near Lake Landing (Matamuskeet NWR area in NC), we DID see two
youth adding seed to birdfeeders near goats quite close to the
shoulder of that short road. I'd say look around those birdfeeders and
wait a half-hour or so if you want those blackbirds. We were running
out of light and time when we got there, and the Pungo observation
tower was a long drive away.
I will also put in another plug to use for planning and
recording your birding trips. The hotspots let you study what's been
seen, and you can share your info with other birders.
Here are our nine ebird checklists (just change the last numbers in
the URL to get to each list, since the links tend to be very long when
listed in this listserv). We started driving in one car at 5:30 am and
we were home by 9:30 pm.
1-Beasley Road Pond, Washington Co, NC checklist:
2-Creswell Catfish Ponds: S34036641 (Washington Co right along
Tyrrell Co border)
3-River Rd in Alligator River NWR, Dare Co: S34037233
4-Sawyer Lake Rd, same refuge: S34038280
5-Jennette's Pier, Dare Co: S34038486
6-Lake Landing, Matamuskeet NWR, Hyde Co: S34038607
7-Great Ditch/Gum Swamp Rd, next to same refuge (Brewer's Blackbird
area): S34038715
8-Canal Rd, same refuge: S34039133
9-Pungo Observation Tower in Pocosin Lakes NWR, Hyde Co: S34039226
Then home to Raleigh!
- Good birding to you all.
-- L Erla Beegle, Raleigh NC
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