Date: 1/30/17 5:18 pm
From: Anthony Hewetson <fattonybirds...>
Subject: [texbirds] Highlights from Lynn County on 29 January 2017
Greetings All:
I spent close to seven hours scouring Lynn County yesterday, found an
exciting new wetlands (new to me, anyway) and surprisingly few birds.

Highlights included 2 Greater White-fronted Geese in O'Donnell, 4
Canvasbacks at Skeen Playa, 14 Least Sandpipers at Frog (or Frost, if you
prefer) Lake, 1 Greater Yellowlegs at Frog (Frost) Lake, 1 Black-crowned
Night Heron at the Tahoka Cemetery Complex, and 1 Sage Thrasher at the
County Road EE Wetlands.

I am hoping that things will pick up in Lynn County when/if more rains
arrive and things start greening up. It is looking to be a much harder nut
to crack than was Hockley County.

Anthony 'Fat Tony' Hewetson; Lubbock

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