Date: 1/28/17 10:59 am
From: ann maddock (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Anna's and an inquiry
Hi Folks

Many of the visitors to see the adult male Anna's in the yard have asked me
about my recommendations for where in Arizona to best see a variety of
hummingbirds, and I have mentioned Mary Jo Ballator's Ash Canyon Bed and
Breakfast in SE AZ. In two days in June of last year, I observed 7
different species of ADULT MALE Hummingbirds in her yard! Magnificent,
Broadbilled, Lucifer, Black chinned, Anna's, Violet Crowned, and Costas.
Also, she has very nice facilities for overnight guests- and her
hospitality is second to none. ( yes, this is the location of the woman
with a parrot on her shoulder!)

I also promised to share with you her new email address in case you want to
get in touch with her?

And, the male Anna's continues here - now treating many guests to his
unique dive display from about 60 feet up in the sky- aimed at the hermit
thrush 😊


<> Buxton, NC

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