Date: 1/28/17 10:02 am
From: Clayton Leopold <passerinaciris12...>
Subject: [texbirds] Golden-crowned Warbler
I was in Fulton at daybreak to see the Broad-billed Hummingbird, and he
showed up for about 5 minutes. Having bagged that bird quickly, I headed to
Refugio with more than expected time to find the Warbler.
I took 35 to FM 774, although it was not the best of roads it yielded
numerous wildlife. Along the road I saw probably 40 whitetail, many
raptors, coyote, and a wild hog eating on a dead cow. If you are into
photography, it may be worth checking out, most animals were led than 60
feet away.

I was not able to locate, along with many other biders, the Golden-crowned
Warbler. I tried for roughly 3 hours in the drizzle. I had another
obligation to make so I was forced to leave at 11, by then the sun was
coming out and birds began moving. Probably would be a good bet that it'll
be out this afternoon.

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