Date: 1/24/17 6:38 am
From: Lester Coble (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Intergrade Fox Sparrow
Last Monday (Jan 16th) I observed a Fox Sparrow in Stoney Creek Park in
Goldsboro with a grey mantle. I queried myself, observing details for
several minutes and elected to call it a Taiga ssp. Since then I have
returned twice, missing the bird Saturday but relocating it today. It is
not a distinct schistacea (slate-colored fox sparrow). The lighter bill,
reddish (not dark) breast and side spotting, and very light but present
ruddy streaks in the grey back now suggest a canadian rocky mountain
intermediate form. Is there any historical evidence of this intermediate
form in the east?

I have observed the bird on the wide frisbee trail on the east side of the
park at the area woodland first exists on both sides.

Two healthy trees were lost in the "park-like" southern portion in the
hurricane. Alas, Goldsboro is actively, aggressively, removing all trees
with any evidence whatsoever of weak sections. The Red-headed woodpecker
nest trees will be gone before spring.

Les Coble.

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