Date: 1/23/17 3:52 pm
From: Ed Hickl <elhickl...>
Subject: [texbirds] Re: eBird alert for Harlequin Duck in Harris Co.
I think there was a miscommunication going on. Nina Rach entered an e-bird checklist that she saw some Mandarin Ducks and Swans at the Lakes at Eldridge. She even had photos her checklist. Nice find Nina. But on Facebook there was a question about where are the Harlequin Ducks before she got the checklist. That may the reason of the confusion. I went to check out the ducks there but found out that the lakes just north of Bear Creek park in west Houston are in a gated community. When we went to the main subdivision entrance the attendant would not let us enter after we request we want to look for birds at their lakes/pond. Since we did not know anyone in that subdivision we were turned away. If there are actual sighting of a Harlequin I’d like to hear about it.

Ed Hickl
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