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5/20/18 12:11 pm CountyBirders ruth <ruthier...> [countybirders] <countybirders-noreply...> [CB] Madera, Mariposa, etc
Northern California
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5/20/18 11:26 pm peninsula-birding maliadances via Groups.Io <maliadances=<yahoo.com...> [pen-bird] Black-legged Kitiwake Pilarcitos Creek 5/20
5/20/18 8:57 pm peninsula-birding Kent Forward via Groups.Io <kforward=<yahoo.com...> [pen-bird] Purisima Creek Redwoods OSP - 5/20/2018
5/20/18 6:33 pm SFBirds David Assmann via Groups.Io <david_assmann=<yahoo.com...> [SFBirds] Fort Mason Black-Headed Grosbeak and other local interest last few days
5/20/18 5:43 pm EBB_Sightings Bob Richmond <bobrichmond94544...> [EBB_Sightings] <EBB_Sightings-noreply...> [EBB_Sightings] Hayward Shoreline (5-20)e
5/20/18 4:51 pm SouthBayBirds steve a via Groups.Io <steve_altus=<yahoo.com...> Re: [southbaybirds] Hermit Warbler at Belgatos Park (5/20)
5/20/18 4:39 pm SouthBayBirds Jason Vassallo <jason.vassallo...> [southbaybirds] Santa Clara University Macgillivrays Warbler
5/20/18 4:31 pm SFBirds William Grant <wbgrant...> Re: [SFBirds] Two cygnets at Palace of Fine Arts
5/20/18 3:57 pm SouthBayBirds David Zittin <dzittin...> [southbaybirds] Audubon Walk, 5/20/2018, at Sanborn Park
5/20/18 3:39 pm EBB_Sightings <hotrock175...> [EBB_Sightings] <EBB_Sightings-noreply...> [EBB_Sightings] Blue-winged Warbler, Diablo Foothills Regional Park
5/20/18 3:35 pm SFBirds William Grant <wbgrant...> [SFBirds] Two signets at Palace of Fine Arts
5/20/18 3:21 pm easternsierrabirds Len Warren <birdman88.com...> ESbirds: Kentucky Warbler in Shoshone at the Garden hose Pond!
5/20/18 3:20 pm NWCALBIRD Tom Leskiw <tomleskiw...> [NWCALBIRD] SoHum Com. Park Ash-throated Fly, etc 5/19/18
5/20/18 2:47 pm SouthBayBirds Eve Meier <eve_m_meier...> [southbaybirds] Hermit Warbler at Belgatos Park (5/20)
5/20/18 2:01 pm northbaybirds dea freid <lemuria...> [northbaybirds] <northbaybirds-noreply...> [NBB] Yellow-breasted Chat Santa Rosa Creek 5/20
5/20/18 1:38 pm sjbirds Patrick Paternostro <BRONCOS30...> [SJBIRDS] <SJBIRDS...> [SJBIRDS] Woodbridge Park
5/20/18 11:33 am sjbirds Kurt Mize <k1mize...> [SJBIRDS] <SJBIRDS...> [SJBIRDS] Laughlin Park 5/20/18
5/20/18 10:59 am SouthBayBirds Chuq Von Rospach <chuqvr...> [southbaybirds] FOS Hooded Oriole
5/20/18 12:22 am sjbirds Joanne Katanic <joanne.katanic...> [SJBIRDS] <SJBIRDS...> [SJBIRDS] The Mokelumne Day Use Area/Fish Hatchery
Southern California
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5/20/18 8:43 pm SanDiegoRegionBirding Gary Nunn <garybnunn...> [SanDiegoRegionBirding] FRNC & Mt. Soledad – Black Swifts more info & photos, May 20, 2018
5/20/18 7:43 pm venturacobirding David Pereksta <pereksta...> [venturacobirding] <venturacobirding-noreply...> [venturacobirding] Black Swifts
5/20/18 6:48 pm sbcobirding Dave Compton <davcompton60...> [sbcobirding] Black Swift
5/20/18 4:57 pm inlandcountybirds <mattgrube...> [inlandcountybirds] <inlandcountybirds-noreply...> [inlandcountybirds] San Bernardino Mountains - Hepatic Tanager
5/20/18 4:07 pm lacobirds Tom Benson <Thomasabenson...> [LACoBirds] <LACoBirds-noreply...> [LACoBirds] Purple Martin at Bonelli (May 20)
5/20/18 3:07 pm SanDiegoRegionBirding Gary Nunn <garybnunn...> [SanDiegoRegionBirding] Mt. Soledad - 50+ Black Swifts at 3pm, May 20, 2018
5/20/18 2:26 pm slocobirding Kaaren Perry <surfbird1...> [slocobirding] SSBreeding Bird Surveys - mid-way update
5/20/18 2:18 pm SanDiegoRegionBirding Susan Smith via Groups.Io <seiurus=<aol.com...> [SanDiegoRegionBirding] Pt Loma Northern Parula continues, and Black Swift bonanza at Ft Rosecrans NC, Sunday 5/20/18
5/20/18 12:03 pm SanDiegoRegionBirding Gary Nunn <garybnunn...> [SanDiegoRegionBirding] Mt. Soledad - Black Swifts, May 20, 2018
5/20/18 12:02 pm sbcobirding Peter Schneekloth via Groups.Io <peterschneekloth=<yahoo.com...> [sbcobirding] Black-chinned Sparrow, Tresspass Trail, Gaviota Area
5/20/18 11:03 am SanDiegoRegionBirding Gary Nunn <garybnunn...> [SanDiegoRegionBirding] FRNC - Black Swifts & more, May 20, 2018
5/20/18 8:26 am inlandcountybirds David Rankin <davidtrankin...> [inlandcountybirds] <inlandcountybirds-noreply...> [inlandcountybirds] Black Swifts continue at SJWA 5/20
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