Date: 3/1/23 12:26 pm
From: Gladys J Birdsall <gjb5...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] Yellow-headed Blackbird- Conlon Road in Lansing
This afternoon, about 2 PM, I was driving North on Conlon Road in
Lansing.  Just past where Searles Rd extension comes into Conlon Rd. on
the right - at an angle, there are cornfields on both sides.  There were
thousands of Blackbirds on both sides, in the road and in the
surrounding treetops.  As I watched the birds in the road, suddenly a
Yellow-headed Blackbird (male) pops out among the crowd.  I watched it
for about 15 -20 seconds and the whole bunch lifted up and I was able to
follow it for a bit.  I thought it maybe went up into the trees.  I
tried to refind it but did not right away.  Maybe 20 minutes later I was
following a flock that had lifted up and out popped that yellow head and
the white primary coverts.   I followed it for several seconds till the
whole bunch turned and lost it again.

This huge flock was mostly Red-winged, and I spotted some females,
Brown-headed Cowbirds, and Common Grackles.   Quite the spectacle and



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