Date: 3/25/21 5:03 pm
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Subject: [obol] Re: fiction books with birders as protagonists?
I've read the Bob White Birder Murder Mystery Series and enjoyed the
stories. The protagonist, "Bob White" is a fictional Minnesota birder
and a leading lister in that state. Most of the stories take place
around Minnesota, but in a few, he travels to other birding
destinations. For example the last in the series "The Kiskadee of Death"
takes place in the lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. These would
be classified as "cozy mysteries." I found them to be fun reads.

Another series that I've read and enjoyed recently is "The Bird Lovers
Mysteries" series by J. R. Ripley. Another cozy mystery series, but in
this one the protagonist, Amy Simms/,/ is a less experienced birder who
is struggling to run a birding shop in western North Carolina.

J.R. Ripley is the pen name of Glenn Meganck who was featured on a Bird
Watcher's Digest podcast back in 2018:

I'll have to check out the Steve Burrows series.

Don Henise

Myrtle Point, OR

On 3/25/2021 1:41 PM, Kay Carter wrote:
> When looking up the Steve Burrows series, I also found �The Boreal Owl
> Murder (Bob White Birder Murder Mysteries Book 1)� by Jan Dunlap.� I
> know nothing about it.
> Kay Carter
> Canby
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> *Subject:* [obol] Re: fiction books with birders as protagonists?
> Some birder novels!
> The Birdwatcher by William Shaw, and
> The Birder Mystery Series by Steve Burrows set in Norfolk - "A Siege
> of Bitterns" is the first in the series.
> I'd love to hear about more too.
> Best, Beverly
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> Fellow birders,
> There are many non-fiction memoirs and travelogues written by birders,
> perhaps the best-known being "Kingbird Highway" (by Kenn Kaufman),
> "Birding
> Without Borders" (by Oregon's own Noah Stryker), and the
> semi-fictional "The
> Big Year (by Mark Obmascik).� But what about fictional works?� Partly
> because their authors happened to be first- or second-hand
> acquaintances, I
> recently read a couple of fun novels where a birder was the lead
> character:
> "Nome" and "Border Songs".� Can anyone recommend other works of
> fiction
> (perhaps partly based on fact) that feature a birder, hopefully in a
> respectful way?
> Paul Adamus
> Corvallis
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