Date: 7/7/19 8:38 am
From: Jack Daynes <jackdaynes...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Recent vehicle break-ins at Minto-Brown Island Park
Just a thought for Tim and all:
How about suggesting to the rangers or police to place trail cameras to
monitor the activities in the parking lots. I think the cameras available
now are getting better and cheaper. Wouldn't it be better to catch the
offenders than to just accept the abuse?
(as long as the theives don't steal the cameras <sigh>) --- my two cents

On Sun, Jul 7, 2019, 8:13 AM Tim Johnson <tim.the.fisherman...>

> Hi all,
> I have some bad news to report regarding parking lot 3 at Minto-Brown
> Island Park in South Salem (parking lot 3 is at the end of the road into
> the park). There’s been a rash of vehicle break-ins recently. On the last
> two Salem Audubon field trips here, a couple participates had their
> vehicles broken into. One had a window broken. The other had a car door
> lock broken. A Salem police officer who responded to the most recent
> break-in told me that these break-in were happening frequently at this
> parking lot.
> The most recent break-in that I am aware of happened on the morning of
> July 4th between 9:00-9:45 am, when the parking lot was full of cars with
> many people in and around the parking lot. Apparently the presence of lots
> of park visitors does not discourage the thieves.
> The park ranger told me that break-ins are probably more likely when there
> are many cars in the parking lot. This gives the thieves more opportunities
> to observe purses, backpacks or other items of possible value in parked
> cars.
> Minto-Brown Park is a popular birding area and many of people come to the
> park to go on bird walks. If that includes you, my advise is to try to
> avoid visiting the park on weekends or holidays when there are a lot of
> park visitors, and don’t leave anything that looks like it might contain
> items of value visible in your vehicle.
> Tim Johnson
> Salem, OR

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