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Subject: [Tweeters] Subject: Re: Bufflehead or Barrow's Goldeneye chick
Quick look at pics on Cornell Lab site ID Info page for Barrow’s Goldeneye, compared to pics of ducklings of the Common Goldeneye or Common Merganser, convinces me it’s a Barrow’s. Couldn’t find pics of Harlequin ducklings...guess they are more camera shy....
I enjoyed seeing some with their mom on a small river up in the Cascades many years ago, but alas, no camera and it was Very Loong Ago so I can’t rely on memory for their exact appearance; in any case, the little one in your picture sure matches the Barrow’s pics I saw.

Dee Warnock

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Subject: [Tweeters] Bufflehead or Barrow's Goldeneye chick
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We watched this tiny single duckling swimming and diving for half hour in shallow water close to shore and saw no adults (none last night either). Perhaps it is the first of the clutch? Wish we could have stayed all day to see if more chicks fledged. Thought it was a harlequin initially but never seen them on lakes. Could it be a Barrow's Goldeneye?
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