Date: 6/11/19 6:05 am
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Subject: Re: Hooded Merganser continues at Centerton
I've been to the Nursery Pond most every day this past few weeks and
recorded one female almost daily starting on May 25 through last Wednesday
(June 5) I have not seen her since in 4 more trips. Here she is on the 5th

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Subject: Hooded Merganser continues at Centerton

A female Hooded Merganser was observed on one of the upper ponds at Craig
State Fish Hatchery in Centerton by Peter Shaffer as early as May 2.
Subsequently, many have viewed this bird. It was in the same place this
morning. It dives and swims away when closely approached. June Hooded
Mergansers aren't rare around northwest Arkansas (for example, there were 2
at Beaver Lake Nursery Pond on May 26). It's hard to say what's going on
with this bird and other Hooded Mergansers around northwest Arkansas, but
nesting is certainly possible (and has occurred in the past). According to
Birds of North America on line, "Nest initiation dates vary with latitude;
se. Missouri, 16 Mar (n = 313; range 12 Feb-6 May .)" Also from BNA
"Suitable cavities occur in live or dead tree trunks, large limbs, broken
off limbs, and at the top of broken off tree trunks ." This is worth

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