Date: 5/6/19 4:42 pm
From: Roy Gerig <roygerig...>
Subject: [obol] Re Trumpeter Swan watch
It is that there were two or more posts about Trumpeter Swan sightings
around here (Willamette Valley) in the past day or two. It is very unusual
this late in spring. A few years ago a Trumpeter stayed it seems like most
of April and some of May on Eagle Marsh ANWR. My own record keeping is
atrocious, and I could not find any reference of it in eBird (I searched
there). As far as I can guess, most of us that saw this bird and thought
it unusual were eBirding then

We could get wildly optimistic and hope that with the new (since 1985 or
so, that I know) wetland and marsh/swamp recreations in the WV and since
Wilson's Phalaropes, Black-necked Stilts, YH Blackbirds, etc have become
more commonplace with that, maybe Trumpeter Swans will sometime displace
the gruesome Mute Swans that people bring in for pets on Stone Quarry Lake
in Salem and other water features like it

Roy Gerig Salem OR

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