Date: 2/22/19 12:03 pm
From: Brian Fitch <fogeggs...>
Subject: Re: [SFBirds] Moorhen
I spent over an hour this morning around the south end of Lake Merced. On
my second pass by the northeastern corner of the bridge, the calls of Sora
and Virginia Rail made me stop, but the only railish bird that appeared was
a silent Common Moorhen that spent a few seconds traversing an open area in
the reeds. It was an adult, showing brown upper body with white flank
stripe, white undertail that was being constantly flicked, and a yellow and
red bill. It was my first city moorhen since 2010.

There was also a Peregrine Falcon that made multiple half-hearted sweeps
over the flocks on the lake, but even the Eared Grebes didn't take evasive
action, and only a couple of gulls complained about the harassment. The
falcon perched twice in between passes, both times in trees close to the
bridge. Other birds of interest included a continuing C Goldeneye, a
Ring-billed Gull, both unusual for this site, and invisible calling Western
Bluebirds and Red Crossbills. Up near the boathouse, five White-throated
Swifts were hawking over the treatment plant.

A short stop at the Fort Funston deck turned up six Black Scoters, two
females, four males, and two Marbled Murrelets. There were fewer than
twenty Surf Scoters in sight, and the paucity of all three scoter species
along our coast this winter is disturbing.

Brian Fitch

On Fri, Feb 22, 2019 at 8:22 AM Brian Fitch via Groups.Io <fogeggs=
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> I just had brief but good views of a moorhen at the northeast corner of
> the concrete bridge , south lake Merced
> Brian fitch 8 16 a.m.

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