Date: 11/29/18 9:49 am
From: Tim Janzen <tjanzen...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Snow Bunting Flock: Yes
Dear Bob,

Yes, I believe that you have circled the scapulars. I am not sure that the ABA ID article helps us that much with the ID of the bird at Clatsop Beach. The bird at Clatsop Beach appears to be a first winter female. I have only found two illustrations of this age and sex so far. One is found in Sibley’s 2nd edition on p. 464 and the second is found in the book Sparrows and Buntings by Clive Byers, Jon Curson, and Urban Olsson on p. 59. Both illustrations seem to be a good fit for the bird at Clatsop Beach in my opinion. In particular note the very close similarity of the coverts as shown in Diana’s photo #14 to the coverts of a first winter female McKay’s Bunting in the book Sparrows and Buntings. For illustrations of the tail pattern for female McKay’s Buntings see the book Sparrows and Buntings, p. 223, and the book The Sparrows of the United States and Canada by James Rising, p. 292. I have thus far not been able to find a photograph of a first winter female McKay’s Bunting online. If someone knows of a photo of this age and sex, please post the URL of the photo to OBOL.


Tim Janzen

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Subject: [obol] Re: Snow Bunting Flock: Yes

Hope this attachment works, I did it in Paint. The marked feathers on this bird are the scapulars? Right? Also is an id paper. Trying to figure out pattern on the scaps. The black looks broad for a female McKays at my first inspection. But note comments on white in tail. Will need to read paper some more. If anyone has in focus highly cropped pics of the scapulars, please post. This is one from Diana's page.

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