Date: 11/27/18 6:18 am
From: Chris Hobbs <chobbs.f1...>
Subject: Re: Evening Grosbeaks and other winter irruptive species
Mark and I recently talked about the Canada v Rockies origin of Evening
Grosbeaks in Kansas. While the birds in Missouri and eastern Kansas are
clearly Canadian, western Kansas birds likely spill out of the Rockies.

Pine Grosbeaks may mirror that pattern, but fewer records leave

Exceptions occur, of course, and your results may vary.

Chris Hobbs

On Mon, Nov 26, 2018, 9:27 AM Chuck Otte <cotte...> wrote:

> Good morning KSBIRDers!
> I hope everyone survived the Sunday snow storm safely. I'm glad I had no
> place I needed to go.
> Early last week we were having a discussion about Evening Grosbeaks and
> where their origin was when they irrupted into Kansas. I posed the
> question to Mark Robbins, who is likely as knowledgeable about these
> things as anyone. For those who don't know Mark he is the ornitholgical
> collections manager for University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute. Here
> is what he told me:
> "It looks like Evening (very likely Pine) Grosbeaks & Red-breasted
> Nuthatches are coming from Canada and not the Rockies, whereas the
> majority (Type 2) of Red Crossbills are coming out of the Rockies."
> He provided further evidence of declining numbers of Evening Grosbeaks in
> Missouri and Kansas corresponding with declining numbers in the eastern US
> which we know are coming down from Canada so that's a good enough answer
> for me.
> Mark has also written a great book: "The Status and Distribution of Birds
> in Missouri" which is available as a free PDF download at:
> Worth the time to download and have handy on your computer.
> Chuck
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