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I’ve never seen a saw-whet owl and I want to!

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Dear list,

On this dreary day when few of us are likely to go outside looking for birds, I thought I'd pose a fun little question to the community. What, if any, Massachusetts bird has eluded you in your time as a birder? Do you have a nemesis species which you always seem to miss, no matter how hard you try? It doesn't have to be a rarity -- just some bird which, year after year, slips your notice (either visually or audibly), despite it occuring regularly in the state.

I'll share my own, somewhat embarrassing MA nemesis: Pileated Woodpecker. I've been birding this state for almost 10 years and have yet to see one! I've seen plenty in other states -- Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, but for whatever reason the old Stump Breaker has never shown him/herself to me. I imagine this will change soon, as I'm relocating to a more heavily forested part of the state. But it's still kind of hard to believe I've seen so many bizarre vagrants and rarities in the state -- Pink-Footed Goose, Slaty-Backed Gull, heck, even a Black-Backed Woodpecker, but never this one. It'll be special when I do, I'm sure. And after I finally see it, I can concentrate on my nemesis-runner up, the Ruffed Grouse...

Stay warm and dry, all!

Frank Lehman,
Assistant Professor of Music, Tufts University
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