Date: 11/6/18 7:10 am
From: Nicholas Mrvelj <nickmrvelj...>
Subject: [obol] Latest Records of the Oregon Bird Records Committee
Hello all,

I'd like to take a moment to share with you all the latest round of records
that have come before the Oregon Bird Records Committee, between the dates
of 08/26/18 through 10/28/2018.


*A male CANADA WARBLER was unanimously accepted by the committee after two
rounds of voting. It was seen by Casey Cunningham on 05/28/2018 in Fields,
Oregon in Harney County. Seven members voted to accept the first round, and
two voted not to accept.*

*A very striking HUDSONIAN GODWIT was seen and documented by Mark Nikas on
05/24/18. The bird was discovered near the south jetty of the Siuslaw River
in Lane County. It was accepted unanimously after one round of voting.*

*Noah Stryker found a pair of PLUMBEOUS VIREOS at the Page Springs
Campground in Harney County on August 17th, 2018. His photographic
documentation was rather convincing, and the committee voted to accept
unanimously after one round of voting. *

* A wonderful immature SHORT-TAILED ALBATROSS was seen and documented by
Wink Gross on an Oregon Pelagic Tours's trip out of Newport, Oregon. The
bird, seen in Lincoln County waters, was most adequately documented, and
the committee unanimously decided to accept after one round of voting. *


*A bird that was well documented and submitted as an EASTERN PHOEBE was
unanimously not accepted by the committee after two rounds of voting. The
committee decided that the bird was a better fit for a either an aberrant
or worn SAY'S PHOEBE or a young, female VERMILLION FLYCATCHER. Three
members accepted the first round, and 6 did not accept. Thank you **Jimmy
Billstine for your submission.*

*PLVI-18-13 *
*A PLUMBEOUS VIREO was seen on 05/28/2018 by Casey Cunningham in Fields,
Oregon, Harney County. Unfortunately, lacking photographic documentation,
the committee deemed that there was not enough information provided to
safely eliminate a dull Cassin's Vireo after two rounds of voting. The
first round vote was two for accepting and seven for not accepting. *

*Finally, two pending records have gone to the 2nd round.*


*A HUDSONIAN GODWIT seen, documented, and submitted to the committee by Tye
Jeske has received a vote of 7 to accept and 2 to not accept. The bird in
question, seen at Fern Ridge Reservoir in Lane County, will now move on to
a second round of voting. The committee members have an additional 60 days
to deliberate over this bird and ultimately submit their vote. *

*A sight only record of an adult male LAWRENCE'S GOLDFINCH and four
juveniles will move on to a second round of voting. These birds, seen at
Provolt Pond in Josephine County by Anne Goff, received 8 votes to accept
and 1 vote to not accept. We shall see what the next round of voting
determines, which is scheduled to conclude on December 31st, 2018.*


Roughly every 60 days, the members and alternates of the Oregon Bird
Records Committee vote on a new batch of records, presented to them on
Google Drive by the secretary, Treesa Hertzel. The OBRC consists of 9
members and up to 5 alternates. They are:

*Tom Crabtree*
*Jeff Gilligan*
*Wink Gross*
*Hendrik Herlyn*
*Wayne Hoffman*
*Tim Janzen*
*Craig Miller*
*Nick Mrvelj*
*Stefan Schlick*

*Shawneen Finnegan*
*Owen Schmidt*
*Tim Shelmerdine*
*Jay Withgott*

The latest batch of records, consisting of 13 first round records and 2
second round records, will be voted on and recorded by December 31st, 2018.
If you have found a rare bird in the state of Oregon, that is currently on
the OBRC Review List
please submit a Rare Bird Report Form
<> and send any photos or
sound recordings to Treesa Hertzel at *<Autumn207...>

Please note that the Oregon Birding Association’s url has changed, and is
now More information about the OBRC can be
found at

I've noticed a nice run of rarities on the review list reported in Oregon
this past year, and not all of them have been submitted to the OBRC. If you
have a bird to report, please fill out and submit the link provided above.
We accept reports from years past as well, if something has been in your
queue for a while running.

Thanks to all and great birding out there everyone!

Nick Mrvelj

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