Date: 10/11/18 9:24 am
From: Jimmy Woodard <j.woodard...>
Subject: Re: Midwest City Big Sit report****ADDENDUM
I estimate the number of Swainson's Hawks that
passed over to be about 400-500. We probably

undercounted both the TV's and hawks. The morning overcast
made the birds hard to detect at first. Several times

we didn't see them until large groups were passing overhead.
This made counting very difficult and inaccurate as

they were passing by very quickly with the north wind.


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Subject: [OKBIRDS] Midwest City Big Sit report

Fourteen participants came for the Big Sit yesterday in
Midwest City. A total of 45 species were recorded during

The course of the day between 7AM and 5PM.

The day began overcast and cold(48 degrees) with a strong
north wind. There was a big flight of TV's and Swainson's

Hawks from around 9AM to about noon. I estimate somewhere
between 800-1000 TV's passed over, mostly in

groups of 50-100 birds. Swainson's moved thru in groups of

We probably missed many birds as the flights were hard to
detect at first against the overcast skies. Also, the birds

were not kittling or circling but were moving from the NNE to
the SSW at a rapid pace with their wings set and the

strong northerly winds pushing them along briskly. We also
saw several kettles of birds a few miles west of us, with

the downtown skyline behind them, get up late in the morning
but the distance made accurate detection impossible.

We also had 3 flocks of American Pelicans of 17, 52 and 57
birds and a group of 40 cormorants move thru.

The small, woodland passerine migrants were non-existent. We
missed many species that we have seen in the past.

Brian Muzny found several decent birds on his walkabouts
around the neighbor's four acre field just west of us. He

found Winter Wren, Fish Crow, Wilson's Warbler, Eastern
Towhee, Song Sparrow, and Western Meadowlark.

Thanks again to all who came by and brought their extra set
of eyes, good food and friendship to the occasion.

Birders visiting were John Cleal, Andy and Jan Feldt, Betz
Hacker, Warren Harden, Bob Holbrook, Marion Homier,

Grace Huffman, Brian Muzny, Calvin Rees, Nadine Varner, Nancy
Vicars, Jimmy Woodard, and Hal Yoakum.

Jimmy Woodard

Midwest City

PS-after the sun came out about 10:30AM, there was a good
movement of Monarch Butterflies most of the day.

Other butterflies noted were several Common Buckeye, Gulf
Fritillaries and a Red Admiral.

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