Date: 10/9/18 8:52 am
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Subject: Re: [JERSEYBI] A tranquil morning at the Great Swamp
My field biology class and I birded the Bluebird Lot yesterday for about an hour in the early afternoon in light misting rain - all birds Marc mentioned plus a Peregrin who gave us gorgeous, continuous views of flight.  We birded elsewhere then came back and he was still present and active.  He was perched in one of the dead (or leafless) trees right on the road both times until our cars flushed him.  The kestrels were quite active as well, a great place to see them!  :)  Lots of calling woodpeckers of several species as well. 

Cailin O'Connor, Pompton Lakes

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Subject: [JERSEYBI] A tranquil morning at the Great Swamp


I spent two hours this morning traversing Pleasant Plains Road from north to south, from "sunrise" onward.  It was foggy and overcast the entire time, with occasional misting rain.  I think that kept the bird activity down, but it was still very nice to be enjoying one of my favorite birding-before-work locales.

Yellow-rumped and Palm Warblers abounded, as did White-throated Sparrows.  Several Phoebes remain, and the Bluebird clan at the Bluebird Lot did not disappoint.  There were three Kestrels as well.  As is seemingly the case everywhere, the number of Blue Jays was remarkable; I was never out of earshot of two, three, or more calling to each other for the entire two hours.  There was an air of mystery and the exotic this morning, what with the gloom and the fog:  even common birds looked like something special as they hopped through the trees.  It gave a bit of thrill to the "pursuit," even if the result was an expected species at this time of year and in this place.  One very nice Northern Parula did provide a bit of bright color, and a Blue-headed Vireo's brilliant head pattern enlivened things as well.

35 species on the morning.  A nice way to start the day.

Good birding,

Marc Chelemer

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