Date: 9/28/18 11:47 am
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Subject: [obol] Re: flickers
Hi Alan and OBOL,

I had our first intergrade flicker in the yard on 24 September (Monday). Lots of posturing between him and a red-shafted male with vocalizations, along with chase flights.

Photos of this bird here:


Dr. Jim Moodie
Science Department

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Subject: [obol] flickers

For those who are interested in (a) migratory movements and/or (b) hybrids and intergrades, note that the next three weeks we are in flicker season.

Early October brings a steady flow of flickers through eastern Oregon, with some small groups reaching the outer coast. The first week of October is a good time to see yellow-shafts and miscellaneous intergrades.

They can appear in odd locations. I once saw one on the rocks at the East Rim Overlook at Steens Mountain. Another time an apparent family group of four intergrades was at the mouth of the Sixes River. I once saw nine flickers on one small snag at Benson Pond at Malheur in early Oct.

Fall birding in Oregon is a glorious thing.

Alan Contreras
Eugene, Oregon<>

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