Date: 7/9/18 12:58 pm
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Subject: Re: [southbaybirds] Hermann's Gull & Mute Swan in Salt Pond A16

It is still early for juvenile Heermann’s Gulls to be moving north in numbers. I think that last year we detected our first in Half Moon Bay on the 12th of July, so they should begin pretty soon. I have not heard of a breeding failure this year in Baja, the last failed year was 2016. There is a lot known about the Elegant Terns, they have done fantastically well nesting in southern California during the Baja warm water years. So the decision to move north has been very positive for them. I give them 5 years before they are nesting somewhere in SF Bay.

BTW, If anyone wants to get out to see how the ocean is doing this year. Our first trip to the Farallon Islands is next Saturday. There are Humpback Whales building now, and the islands should be full of birds.

Good birding,

Alvaro Jaramillo

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Subject: Re: [southbaybirds] Hermann's Gull & Mute Swan in Salt Pond A16

Quick FYI on Heerman's. I saw a report on them in the Morro Bay/SLO list about ten days ago indicating large numbers (5000ish) were being seen down there, so they seem to be moving north. The bad news is they reported zero juveniles in the birds counted, which indicates another nesting failure.

Kind of related to that, the elegant terns that have been nesting in Mexico and also seeing nesting failures moved into the refuges along the border in San Diego (12,000 by reports) and nested, so they seem to be moving their nesting location north. No word on how successful that was.

The nesting failures are being attributed to warmer waters offshore driving food supplies the birds use further away or out of the area. This has also been affecting Brown Pelicans. I find it interesting the terns have decided to shift the nesting colony (or at least some of them have), presumably because of this.

I realize Heerman's is much more of a coastal bird than a bay bird around here, but if you're out and about and see the species, I'd suggest it's an important bird to report in eBird and if you can document adult/juvenile numbers if you see them, that will be helpful for research.

Chuq Von Rospach

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This morning (7/9/2018) while looking for the MUTE SWAN in Salt Pond A16 (eventually located in the far northwestern portion of the pond) I saw a HERMANN'S GULL on island #18.

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