Date: 7/4/18 3:40 pm
From: Bill Thurman <bill.masterofmusic...>
Subject: Re: Migratory Birds plus gutting a fund for habitat
Thank you for this great information, Jack!

Bill Thurman

On Wed, Jul 4, 2018, 17:31 Jack and Pam <
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> When legislators hear about the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) or the
> Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) being under threat they frequently
> say, "I'm not hearing about this from my constituents."
> I just returned from Washington where I met with Arkansas legislators.
> Now is the time to reinforce the message that we care about protecting our
> birds and habitat.
> So here's how it goes. One old guy from Audubon (me) shows up in the
> Senator's or Congressman's office saying that people in Arkansas care about
> these two issues. That visit puts the MBTA and LWCF on the legislator's
> radar. If there is no follow-up, no other word from voters, chances are
> that's the end of it. It is a hectic world in Washington so it is
> reasonable to listen to, pay the most attention to, the squeaky wheels.
> Here is your path to guilt free birding- spend 10 minutes today letting
> your legislator know that the following issues matter:
> 1. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act has been vital to protecting birds for
> 100 years (this is the anniversary year). A new interpretation of the Act
> by the administration basically guts the protections the Act provides.
> Legislation in Congress (HR4239) would make the administration's
> interpretation of the Act permanent. Audubon calls it the "Bird Killer
> Amendment" because it give industry a free pass to kill birds without
> consequences.
> Sign-on to the Audubon Action Alert here:
> Audubon Action Alert: Stop Industries from Getting a Free Pass to Kill
> Birds <>
> 2. The Land and Water Conservation Fund was created over 50 years ago and
> during that time has helped protect parks, places for recreation, areas of
> cultural significance, and important wildlife habitat. Every state has
> benefited. In Arkansas the LWCF has helped nearly every county protect
> open spaces. The Land and Water Conservation Fund is set to expire on
> September 30, of this year! There are two bills that birders need to
> support. In the Senate (S.569) and in the House (HR502). These bills
> would permanently renew LWCF.
> You can support both bills by clicking here:
> Audubon Action Alert: Protect America's Land and Water Conservation Legacy
> <>
> If, by some extraordinary act of kindness someone on the list actually
> takes action (sarcasm), please let me know at (
> <fellowshipofthewings...>). Use same address or call me to request
> more information or to report problems.
> IF you *really* want to make your message powerful, let me know and I'll
> send you an email address for the staffer who handles these issues so you
> can by-pass the forms on the legislator's website. Wish I had time to tell
> you about my experience talking to our legislators. You might be surprised.
> Jack Stewart
> Newton County, AR
> (870)715-0260
> Forgot to mention that neither MBTA nor LWCF cost tax payers anything!

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