Date: 6/29/18 10:29 am
From: John Dillon <kisforkryptonite...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Managing your eBird location for the Masked Duck

With Paul Dickson’s permission, I made an eBird Hot Spot for the Masked Duck location. It’s called “Tar Slough - Private property - landowner permission required.”

Please submit all past and future MADU lists at this Hot Spot. The point here is to avoid a situation in which it appears as though each separate MADU list implies on the eBird map that there are 40 individual Masked Ducks.

If you already created a personal location, please merge it with the new Hot Spot. Here’s how:

Go to My eBird.
Go to Manage My Locations.
Type the name of what you called the location into the search box.
After the location is found in the search box, click on it.
This will take you to a page with several options. Select “Merge” and click the new Hot Spot (again, “Tar Slough - Private property - landowner permission required”) to select where to merge.

That should be it. It’s possible you may have to wait a few hours or even until tomorrow for the eBird system to fully accept the new Hot Spot. So, please don’t get worried if you can’t find it on there today. It does already show up on the list of Louisiana Hot Spots, but it’s still not showing up under “Explore Hot Spots.” As soon as one person does this successfully, he or she can let everyone else know via eBird. Let’s just not flood it with reports from everyone. If you need to contact me to ask a question, that’s fine; please just do so off-list.

Also, if you were there Thursday at 6pm and would like me to share my list with you, please send me (off-list) the email or username you use for eBird. I’ve already shared with those whom I know.

Finally, another big thanks to Paul for being so hospitable!

John Dillon
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