Date: 6/20/18 7:58 am
From: 'The \Nunn Guy\' via Colorado Birds <cobirds...>
Subject: [cobirds] Re: Morgan Playas
Hi all

There are also probably nice playas on Pawnee NG I bet, too--northern
Colorado got pummeled with rain and hail yesterday--our landscaped yard was
decimated and I saw many flooded fields and roads on my commute home.

I have this site page bookmarked because eventually I won't to find all
these "known" playas in Weld and see their status:

Thanks Gary Lefko, Nunn

On Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 2:02:50 PM UTC-6, William Kaempfer wrote:
> I remember flying into DIA three years ago and noticing from the air
> several large playas somewhere between Prewitt Reservoir and Jackson
> Reservoir. I decided to do some exploring and in Mid-August 2015 I was
> able to track the spots down overland. It wasn’t very difficult, really,
> in fact I think I had seen one of them once before while driving down CO 71
> toward Brush. The three large playas (and a few smaller ones) had lots of
> water, but sufficient shoreline to host large numbers of shorebirds and
> waterfowl. One nice feature is that Morgan County roads ran right next to
> these playas, in fact right through one of them. The three spots are at CO
> 71 and MCR JJ, MCR 26 and JJ, and MCR 23 and HH.
> Over the next couple of years, the water gradually dried up and became
> more saline. Bird lists dropped from total species lists in the 30s to 20s,
> teens to single digits. But there were still some surprises—how about the
> Snowy Plovers with chicks that Kathy Mihm Dunning and David Dowell have
> photo documentation for? Right now the three playas have eBird hot spot
> lists of 106, 103 and 85 species, of which shorebirds account for 19, 20
> and 20 species.
> So why all this field ornithology history right now? Well, two reasons.
> Have you tracked the weather in the past week? Last night’s storm dropped
> a band of 4 to 6 inches or rain basically right over these playas. While I
> wouldn’t urge anyone to race out there right now—the roads are probably
> impassable at the present, my guess is that the playas have been nicely
> refreshed with the recent rains. Second, while it is technically not
> summer yet, southbound shorebird migration is actually starting. So plan a
> trip to Morgan County this summer and bring your scope for some shorebird
> study.
> Bill Kaempfer
> Boulder

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