Date: 5/24/18 5:13 pm
From: Peter Reisfeld <drpinky...>
Subject: [nysbirds-l] Doodletown Road, Bear Mountain
Today I made my annual pilgimmage to Doodletown Road.  By the time I had climbed up Gray’s hill I had most of my target birds, with singing ceruleans, yellow-throated vireos, indigo buntings, a yellow billed cuckoo, a singing Louisiana waterthrush,  a blue winged warbler, a worm-eating warbler, and hooded in the background.  But when I ran into a bunch of Queens and Long Island birding buddies leaving the First June cemetery things really kicked up a notch.

After a stop at the other June cemetery, we headed up Doodletown road to see if the Kentucky warbler was in it’s usual spot.  On the way Eric Miller found a female Cape may warbler in a thin, bittersweet-covered tree.  Then we saw an olive-sided flycatcher in a bare tree a bit further up the road.  I had to take a personal call and missed the pileated in the woods past the stream.  When I headed up the hill to see if I could catch up with it, the I got the surprise of the day.  Eric called out  that he has found a golden winged warbler in a meadow south of the road.  It was a first at Doodletown for pretty much everyone there.  

We missed the Kentucky, but got scattering of other birds including multiple worm-eatings, ceruleans, cuckoos, a few more warblers found by Eric including magnolia, BT green, and canada, another olive sided flycatcher, and even a timber rattlesnake along Pleasant Valley road.  When we were all done I had seen or heard 16 species of warbler for a great day of birding.
Wishing you good birding days as well,



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