Date: 5/15/18 3:33 am
From: Doug Wood <chingwe1755...>
Subject: Boone Co. Swainson's Warblers and Putnam Co. Great-horned Owl double hoot.
Yesterday, May 14 in the morning I heard three Swainson's Warblers while
running my pre-BBS route checks. All were in Boone Co. Two males in
overlapping territories along the east side of Coal River at the mouth of
Bull Creek between Ashford and Emmons. One male further downriver near a
yard less than one mile upstream of the mouth of Fork Creek, between Emmons
and Olcott.
Other interesting observations yesterday, while I'm on the subject of birds
named after the naturalist Swainson: I heard two Swainson's Thrushes at
each of two locations, one in Boone Co. and one in Lincoln Co. Total of
four SWTH, undoubtedly migrating northward.
This morning, May 15 at 4:03 I heard a Great-horned Owl double-hooting to
the south of our house on Coal Mountain in Putnam Co. I had never heard a
GHOW emit a series of low-pitch double hoots before, so I did some digging
into the variety of vocalizations of the species. We rarely hear GHOWs
here due to extensive forested habitat, with only a scattering of openings.

Doug Wood
Coal Mountain, WV between St. Albans and Hurricane.
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