Date: 5/6/18 4:10 pm
From: Yoyi Steele <yoyi...>
Subject: [wisb] Warblers, other migrants, Ft. Atkinson, Jefferson County (Part 2) and couple Janesville sightings
Forgot to mention indigo bunting and palm warbler from this morning.
Later in the day, in Janesville (Rock County), had my first warbling vireo,
northern rough-winged swallow, and Baltimore oriole at Rotary Gardens and
first blue-gray gnatcatcher and gray catbird at Riverside Park.

Back in Fort in the afternoon, I picked up my first American redstarts,
yellow warblers, and wood thrushes (all singing), as well as an osprey, two
white-crowned sparrows, and a bunch more catbirds (3 in one tree!).
Yellow-rumps are still around, too.

Hope everyone had a great, birdy weekend.

-Yoyi Steele
Ft. Atkinson, Jefferson County

On Sun, May 6, 2018, 1:50 PM Yoyi Steele <yoyi...> wrote:

> Greetings, Wisbirders,
> Migration is proceeding around here. On Friday afternoon, I came upon a
> pocket of warblers in my neighborhood, and they were all yellow-rumps, one
> and all. I spotted my first great crested flycatcher. Common early local
> breeders like chipping sparrows, tree and barn swallows, purple martins,
> and song sparrows are all back and singing, and I spotted a rose-breasted
> grosbeak at the feeder. A couple of white-throated sparrows we're still
> hanging around yesterday morning, and I heard a couple Nashville
> warbler-like twitters and a lone black-throated green song.
> This morning, provocative seets and twitters through the window again drew
> me out to walk around the neighborhood in my nightgown (I did throw a
> jacket on over it this year 😊). I spotted a Swainson's thrush in a
> neighbor's shrub and heard that black-throated green song once more but
> everything else was elusive, in trees behind people's houses where I
> couldn't get good looks. So, back home I went to resume the normal routine.
> And then it happened. Our bathroom has a south-facing window overlooking
> the backyard with a good view of the large Norway maple we have there, just
> starting to leaf out. Looking out at it, I saw movement. Then, more
> movement. I grabbed my binos (which I, of course, had with me) and was
> treated to great looks of Nashville, Tennessee, parula, and not one, but
> two gorgeous Cape May warblers.It was a great moment in birding!
> This is what I love about migration time. Birds can surprise you anywhere
> - even in your bathroom! You just never know!
> Happy May!
> Yoyi Steele
> Fort Atkinson, Jefferson County

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