Date: 4/27/18 8:56 am
From: Kara K Beach <islippednfell...>
Subject: Strange question
Yesterday afternoon when I was out with my puppy, I heard what I thought was
a frog jumping in the pond . except it was frequent, spaced out and it
sounded close by even though I was walking away from where the pond is. my
husband asked me today if I ever heard a bird that made a water splashing
noise. I told him about yesterday and he imitated it. sounded like an
exhale of air and then two small bubbles of water (bloop, bloop).

I really don't think it had anything to do with our pond as it was louder
further away from it. My husband thinks it is a bird.

Might someone have any idea what bird might make that sound? I wouldn't
even begin to know what birds to search on All About Birds to even listen to
their calls.

Thank you,

Kara (Alco)

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